Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Action Technologies specializes in home theater installation, multi-room audio, outdoor audio, and more. Contact us to learn more about our audio and video abilities.

Audio & Video Services

Elevate your home with cutting-edge audio/video technology, including home theater, outdoor living spaces, video distributions, and whole-house music.  

Home Theater Installation

Build your perfect media room with everything including hanging projectors, electric or fixed screens, installation of movie curtains and sound proofing your home walls for the best sound from your system.

Multi-Room Audio

Multizone or distributed home entertainment is a new way to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home. It used to be that your entertainment was limited to a family room or a bedroom with components piled high and big speakers on the floor. Besides all the clutter, the problem was that once you left the room, you also left your entertainment behind.

Commercial Audio & Video

A Action Technologies specializes in the design and installation of components to make your work life easier! Whether you need video conferencing systems, cordless microphones, structure wiring, projector installation or multi-room audio-video. Our team encompasses virtually every aspect of commercial audio and video integrations and communications.

Outdoor Audio

Expand your musical horizons with certified outdoor speakers. Whether you're on your porch, patio or pool deck, maybe even in the sauna, these rugged speakers let you bring high performance sound out into the world.

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